The sky’s the limit for Parkonomy and ParkCloud!

Parkonomy has announced its collaboration with ParkCloud; an international company with seven years’ experience in the industry and a customer base of 1.2 million. Operating in 428 locations worldwide and with over 1,410 car parks to choose from, ParkCloud is the ideal partner to help put Parkonomy on the map.


Head of Business Development at Parkonomy, Jim Harrow, comments, “It is an exciting collaboration of two platforms with different levels of experience in the car parking industry. It may appear an unusual marriage, yet with Parkonomy’s knowledge of domestic travellers and ParkCloud’s obvious strengths internationally, the prospects of this collaboration are intriguing.”


ParkCloud is a UK company based in Stockport with a speciality in airport parking. The business was launched seven years ago and it has since become internationally recognised, winning several awards for its services to the industry. With clients such as Continental Parking, EZ Park US and Vinci Park Slovakia, ParkCloud provides an online pre-booking service for airport car parks primarily, but has also begun working with ports, stations and city centres.


Mark Pegler, MD of ParkCloud believes the collaboration with Parkonomy will benefit the company in many ways, “Parkonomy is a young, innovative technology business with a desire to expand and go global; closely aligned to our own commercial aspirations. Our common values and Parkonomy’s strong relationships with operators and customers in the UK makes me confident that our collaboration is a strategic move which will bring benefits to both companies.”


Parkonomy is proving attractive to partners like ParkCloud who are seeking alternative channels to reach new consumers online. The investment into Pay by Mobile and other innovative backroom functions is giving Parkonomy’s partners, of all sizes and locations, the ability to adapt Parkonomy’s market-leading consumer offering, without needing to invest in similar digital technologies themselves.