Parkonomy migrates to Amazon Web Services

In the last year, Parkonomy has gone from strength to strength and the recently announced migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a development the company believe will be invaluable in helping them provide an increased level of service.


AWS provides a highly reliable, cost-efficient infrastructure platform that has been utilised by some of the internet’s most progressive and successful start-ups, including Spotify, Soundcloud and Shazam. Their expansive technology platform allows companies to advance, innovate and expand quickly, whilst paying only for the data they use. With AWS, Parkonomy can now perform crucial maintenance and integrate new features without causing disruption to customers, and reduce server response time to under 200 milliseconds.


Head of Business Development at Parkonomy, Jim Harrow, comments: “AWS provides us with the tools we need to accomplish our current goals, and its scalability means that it is something that will benefit us for years to come. The services’ pay-as-you-go pricing model also means that we will only be paying for what we use, saving us money that can then be reinvested into developing new features for our customers. Every way you look at it, this is a real game-changer.” By using this global partner for all processing, Parkonomy has ensured it has limitless ability to grow in scale and reliability; unusual in the car parking world.


With help from AWS, Parkonomy’s ambition to develop EU market opportunities during 2016 could be within reach. Considering its growth so far, the company has high expectations for what 2016 will bring, and foresees an even greater rate of expansion over the next twelve months.